Happy Hacking Keyboards - Online Store

- 2 colors available: Light Grey (shown) and Black
- Happy Hacking Basic Layout plus "Inverted-T arrow keys"
- PC(PS/2) or USB (2 different models)
- 2 downstream USB ports on its back (USB model)
- Very Small Foot Print (11.6" x 4.7")

A succeeding version of the popular award winning "Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite"! About "half" of a "letter size" paper, this compact size keyboard, with a consistent tactile feel and reliability now supports the USB interface. The Plug-n-Play Lite 2 also has two built in USB ports, which allows you to easily plug additional peripherals into the keyboard! The Lite 2 also sports a new feature: "true arrow keys", which was made possible by the many requests we received from our valued users!


Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite 2Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite 2